Osmosis was developed to highlight the concerns on the intrusion of civil liberties and to discuss the idea of an individuals copyright. The users words are captured, taken out of context and displayed for other users to manipulate.

The installation consists of 'Expression' tables which allow the users to sit and chat to friends whilst enjoying a bar type environment. Upon these tables are a set of microphones which randomly switch on to record snippets of their conversations. The spoken sounds are turned into visual text and displayed as a pool of words on 'Lagoon' tables.

Here users are able to drag words to the edge of the table and construct sentences; redefining their meaning. These sentences are then projected and displayed for all to see, on the walls and ceiling of the installation itself. Each word is coloured and corresponds to the 'Expression' table it originated from. So users are able to see how their words have been taken and misrepresented, infringing on their individual copyright.

- Specification Document