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I was set the brief of introducing the public to a large number of facts about water. I felt there were too many facts to try and display in one location at one time. So I came up with the concept of Dilute to Taste, where users could delve into the information as much as they desired, thus diluting the information intake to their taste.

The first level of information was a series of 'Totems' positioned in a park, with a selection of information being displayed on them. Users can walk past or up to the 'Totems' and read individual facts. This allows for a passive approach by the audience and a lower level of interaction.

The next level is the use of bluetooth on mobile phones. The audience are prompted on entering the park to have their bluetooth switched on. As they come into range of the 'Totems' users receive messages notifying them of some of the keys facts. They are also directed to the accompanying website, where all of the required facts are displayed.

With this simple, but calculated approach, I felt able to maximise the audience interest by offering various ways for them to interact. This allows users to decide how much they were willing to participate.

- Specification Document