I initially looked at an idea of a sensor pad, which could record rainfall. Every drop of rain falling on to the mat would be displayed on a screen, creating a dynamic and natural composition. This however had little in the way of human interaction, only offering them the option of watching the composition on the screen.

So I developed the idea and thought of installing a sensor-pad in an area where people could walk over it. Allowing it to capture the movements of people over a specific space; E.g. a famous landmark in a capital city or a local shopping centre. Its use would be more interactive and allow for a continuously changing composition to be created and maintained.

The direct pressure applied, would be recorded and displayed on a screen nearby. Various forms of interaction would be possible, for example; someone could simply walk over it as they rushed to work and not even notice their participation; or a group of people could stop and look to manipulate the pad by creating shapes and words.

I also looked at the idea of applying the screen on top of the sensor-pad. Creating a more immersive environment and allow the users to walk on the screen and even sit and draw directly on the ground with their finger. However there were various issues with this concept, one being the difficulties in having a screen allow varying amounts of pressure to be applied through it to a mat underneath, without it being damaged. The idea of projecting on to the space would also be tricky as people would be in the way and cast shadows as they participated.

Games or prompts could also be created for people to follow and help stimulate interest. But I was cautious of forcing the ways people would interact, as it may mean the loss other more natural unexpected forms of interaction.

The last concept for the experience was the linking of three installations from different time zones. Each screen would display the interaction from the three zones and offer an insight into the specific areas frequency of people around and highlight the difference in time.

Initial Concept Presentation 
Specification Document